The evolution of epicurean expression that is Massimo Navarretta has taken many beautiful forms along the more than 30 year journey. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate enough to express myself with restaurants like Enoteca, Scampi, and now Onotria. Growing up on a farm in the vibrant agricultural Italian town of Caserta I stay true to my roots and it is expressed in every dish, as I share glimpses of the first flavors introduced to me as a boy. Starting from my travels in culinary school, I came to understand how through food I could clearly express the essence of each regional cuisine.

Forging relationships with what were, at that time unknown artisanal wine producers (who would later become known as the great producers of their respective regions), I isolated the pronounced flavors inherent in the soil and paired them with local ingredients and intensifying the flavors of each hand crafted dish. This creative and calculated gamble has lead to one of the finest and most sought after cellars in Orange County, coupled with a menu offering dishes whose flavors are complimentary down to your last bite. I am pleased and honored to have you as my guest.

Mangia bene, vivi felice

Thursday, January 12, 2017

 In this moment in our history,it good for all of us  to take a pose and re calibrate our feelings and expectations.We have many problems and a multitude of difficulty,but we live in the most amazing land on the planet,abundant resources,incredible human capital and a constitution that marvels anything in our history.To many  snake oil salesman in the public square ,telling people what they want to hear.If we really care for our fellows man and woman, than let remember what makes us a great nation,Ideas,industries,personal risk and capital large and small,education about the real world and history.
I went to school in Italy, we got a fantastic education until the middle of the 70th and than the political climate  changed for the worst,socialism,communism, social unrest.
We as a country never recuperated.Angry mob,social experiment gone very bed,the pride of our land is reduced in daily arguments about who fault is it.I have the answer ,it all of us .Instead of looking for solution to our many legitimate issues,we got blinded by political parties.Now you know what I am getting at.            
If we want make a difference, let get involve,not in the street but among our self ,in our neighborhoods,in our families,in our schools.With the full respect of our laws,start talking to people that don't share your political tendencies, You  will find, we have more in commune than not.We just go about the different way. Drop the attitude.It like the social media,just because they report doesn't mean it right.In my restaurant experience i find now a days everybody is a expert.I went to school, was born and race in Italy,and yet i find a small number of peoples pretend to know more about food,wine and Italian tradition than me.When i see the comment on Facebook or other Venus I can't stop laughing,it comical how little ,pretentious and misinformed they really are and yet what people Should think  about, are the  working man and women ,there family the hundred of  related business we are promoting just from my little love and passion for making great food everyday.   Where is the social grace the good will to man kind, why the angry tone, why  not communicate your like or  dislike   without the insult the pompous,after all it only food and we are just humans.I never cook because the fame or the awards i don't care about superficial postures ,I love peoples and i love what i do and yes if you open your hart and mind you will Love ,Learn and Enjoy.My recipes for happy life.

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